Terms & Conditions


Due to Covid 19 all bookings are provisional until 1 month before the first date of boarding.  Around a month before first date of boarding we will contact you to confirm booking and at that point full payment is required.

Cancellations- You can cancel the provisional booking at any time before 1 month before the first date of boarding with no charge.  If notice of cancellation is given under 1 month (before the first date of boarding) the full boarding fee is payable.

If you return early to collect cat(s) the full period will still be charged.

If you are late to collect your cat(s) outside of opening times, we reserve the right to charge an additional day’s fee.


All cat(s) must show record of vaccination for cat flu and feline enteritis, cats must be vaccinated at least 14 days prior to arrival (booster vaccine). If you have had to restart vaccinations it will approximately 6 weeks after initial vaccinations.

Cat(s) must have been recently treated for fleas, ticks and worms with a veterinary approved product.Evidence of this is required, via stamp in vaccination book, vet bill and/or treatment packaging (labelled from vets) and this needs to be shown on admission. Cat(s) should be treated regularly for these but at least 7 days before arrival. Acceptable treatments are those that have been prescribed by your vet. Over the counter non-prescription, flea collars, spot on treatments bought from pet shops or supermarkets and homeopathic treatments are not permissible.

House cats- We are aware that house cats may not be treated regularly for parasites, if this is the case, cat(s) need to be treated 14 days prior to arrival with a veterinary prescribed treatment.

Long Stay Cats- Cats boarding with us may need treatment if staying over a month, this will be discussed with the client and treatment will be organised accordingly.

If cat(s) have not received recent veterinary prescribed treatment for parasites, they will be refused boarding.

If your cat has been found to have fleas whilst boarding with us; we may consult a vet to discuss treatment and you will be additionally charged £25 to treat the environment to ensure no spread to other boarders and the decontamination of the cabin plus soft furnishings. This will be additional to any veterinary costs incurred.

Prescription diets-provided by owner, please ensure there is enough for the length of the cat(s) stay.

Medication will be administered free of charge, please ensure dosage instructions are clear and you provide enough medication for the cat(s) length of stay.

Any treatment required by your cat will be charged to the owner.

If we have to seek medical attention for your cat our time is charged at £15 per hour.

Admission will be refused if cat(s) looks ill upon arrival.

We do not accept entire males over the age of 9 months.

We require your cat(s) vets name and address in the unlikely case your cat(s) becomes ill and requires treatment.


Cat(s) must arrive and depart in a secure cat carrier. We will not be responsible if the cat(s) escape from an unsecure carrier on arrival or collection.

Cats sharing a cabin, behaviour will be monitored and it is felt necessary due to stress/aggression cats may be separated and any thus charges will be charged to owner.

Drop off and collection times will be agreed at times of booking, in exceptional circumstances we may agree to operate outside of our opening times but these are agreed with the client at the time of booking. If you fail to collect within our times on your agreed departure date you will be expected to collect your cat at the next available time within our operating/opening hours and pay the fee's incurred.

Minimum three day stay to cover cleaning costs of cabins and soft furnishings.

At peak times such as school holidays and bank holidays we charge a minimum of 5 days stay.

Telephone bookings must be followed up by a booking form and deposit within 7 days to secure the booking. Repeat customers will just need to send the deposit to secure the booking.


If you are unable to collect your cat(s) on the agreed departure date, please contact us as soon as possible as other bookings may be affected.

On booking please check you can drop off/ pick up your cat(s) 10mins prior to closing.

We comply to GDPR. Personal data is not shared, contact details are kept securely for purposes of contacting you with regards to bookings or if we need to contact you whilst your cat(s) is in our care. We do not store bank details.

Unfortunately we will assume that any cat not collected within 10 days of the agreed depart date has been abandoned. In this case we will be entitled to recover all costs, losses and charges arising from the extended stay and ultimately, to re-home the cat(s).

Whilst every care will be given to your cat(s) if they become unwell whilst in our care they will be covered by our insurance up to the policy maximum. Cat(s )boarding with us are at the sole risk of their owners and whilst every care will be taken, the management cannot be liable for illness, injury or death of any animal in our care. If your cat becomes unwell after leaving the cattery and has sought veterinary attention, please let us know as you may still be covered by our insurance.

We post pictures of cat(s) in our care to social media sites, if you do not want your cat to be pictured and shared in this way please let us know.

There are no hidden charges the costs costs include food, heating and insurance. 

Opening Hours (Arrivals and Collections)

Monday - Friday (excluding Wednesday)

9.30am - 11.30am & 1pm-3pm

Wednesday- Closed

Saturday- 9.30-11.30am

Sunday- 5pm -7pm 

Closed Bank Holidays